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Introducing The Lighthouse Method...

How I've Helped Scale Massive Companies Like Adidas, Vital Proteins, And Even Some NBA Teams...

The Only Relationship-Centered System Designed To Take Your Businesss From 'Unknown' To Can't Be Forgotten...

A 9-step approach to ethically and predictably building and scaling a profitable company

Entrepreneurs Love To Complicate Marketing...

But complicated businesses can't grow. So we've built a simple, yet powerful 90 day program to take you from scattered & "just keeping up," to laser focus on the true drivers of your business & impact. And a clear plan for executing every step of the way.


This Is The Same Process Used To Scale Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World...


Hey! I'm George. Relationship-Centered Marketing Expert. Entrepreneur. Dad.

I've helped hundreds of the biggest companies in the world (including those listed above) to ethically scale...

By deepening relationships with their customers & outcaring the competition.

And in all my years of helping companies start and scale with success, one thing is true every single time: entrepreneurs love to overcomplicate the process.

And when it’s complicated, it’s destined for failure.

Lindsey and George Mini

It’s true… we make things so much more difficult than they need to be, and we love to do it.

zig ziglar quote

We love to move the starting line…

We love to do the busy work that keeps us from moving the needle…

And we love to give ourselves (and our clients) back doors that stop our forward momentum in their tracks.

And then we wonder why our progress is so slow, why we’re changing course again, and why we always feel like we’re drowning.

We love to keep things difficult and complicated… (if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t be doing it, because quite frankly it’s miserable.)

But it’s part of the game because it’s part of human nature...

The more passionate you are about changing lives and making a difference through your businesses, the deeper in the process you go, the more you lose your way, and the more complicated it feels from the inside.


The problem is, overcomplicating business is the easiest and quickest way to kill it.


And before you know it, your passion has become the catalyst for chaos…

You're full of frustration and fury… and you start to hate the game.

Which leads to unintentional disaster… and the death of your dreams.


Which is exactly why I created The Lighthouse Method: 

My 9-step model to teach you the PRINCIPLES behind taking any business from wherever you are today, to exactly where you want to be ethically and easily by truly understanding the ONE thing that actually matters to your business: your customers.

If you understand your customers and how to be in a relationship with them, you win for life.
So here’s the big secret to all of this… your offer will only work at scale if you’ve laid out a clear, simple, customer journey… 
Which requires a clear, simple, plan to take them from point A to point B…
Which requires knowing your customers inside and out.
No matter the industry, no matter the product, and no matter how you serve.

It’s NOT tactics and strategies.

It’s NOT short term results. 

It’s NOT ridiculously convoluted funnels and specialized systems.

These are the foundational principles that you can use now, next week, next month, next year, and years from now on any business that you ever touch. 

Which means whether you’ve:

  • Never made a dollar in business, but plan to…
  • You’ve already launched, but you’re not getting the traction you thought you would…
  • Or if your business is ready to be scaled from 7-figures to $10M+...

The Lighthouse Method applies to you.
(The same method we’ve used to take companies from zero to Fortune 500, and $37 Billion a year.)
Because these are the foundational principles that allow you to speak to your ideal customers / clients in a way that resonates with them & inspires them to take action with your brand.
And if you understand your customers, and how to be in a relationship with them, you win for life.

So, let’s not complicate this.

Here’s exactly what you’ll accomplish with The Lighthouse Method:


Complete Clarity

Build and fortify the foundation of your business.

Understand your customers: their language, habits, emotions, and motivators.

Know your marketing and messaging inside and out.

Learn how to determine which offers your customers ACTUALLY want.

Identify the ONLY content you need to create & share.


Course Of Action

Plan a simple & profitable customer journey for your business.

Create easy and ethical funnels that ACTUALLY convert.

Design and plan how your customer relationships will look and feel.

Avoid the MAJOR mistakes that DESTROY 99.6% of businesses.

Create a functional lead magnet in less than 20 minutes!

Create a clear, single entry point to your brand through pillar content.


Intentional Execution

Have a simple social media strategy to create & nurture relationships with your most ideal customers.

Execute a congruent customer journey taking people from "never heard of you" to "raving customers who buy over & over again!"

Implement daily practices to increase productivity, eliminate chaos, and take control.

Build meaningful relationships with your most ideal customers at EVERY touchpoint with your brand.

Already Know You Want To Join The Lighthouse Method Course?

"The content in the course has paid for itself already and I've only watched the first 3 videos! Excited to dive into the rest. I've paid for so many courses that were garbage the past years, this is not one of them."Danny Carlson

CEO, Kenji ROI & Host of Actualize Freedom Podcast

"After 12 years of entrepreneurship.. lots of conferences… masterminds… education… blah blah… I've never gotten so much VALUE out of anything in such a short period of time! My mind is officially blown!!"Jennifer Bulkley

Owner, ACS Facility Services

"This course is game changing! It's brought a tremendous amount of clarity for my business!!"Jake Anderson

Founder, Brainiacs & Host of Introspective Podcast

"The course has provided so much clarity for me, It's caused me to go deep and take a good hard look at myself and my direction. To say I am now dead excited about the future and the biz I can build would be an understatement!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you George!"Heidi Yates

Owner / CEO, Social Butterfly Lead System

This course COULD cost $10k.

But it doesn’t. It costs $750 because I want to actually help people... and I can only help those who are truly invested in themselves & their businesses...
I want businesses and entrepreneurs to be able to break the cycle of reactivity that comes with chaos. I want you to have the skills to take back control.
Especially in times like today, when business is becoming extremely volatile and uncertain.
What’s working today may not work a month from now.

But what will ALWAYS work is giving a shit about your customers, meeting them where they’re at, speaking their language, and leading them on a clear, simple customer journey that helps them accomplish their goals.

Do that & they will TELL YOU exactly what they want to buy, why they want to buy it, and how much they’re willing to spend.
When your relationships with your audience and your customers gets to that point, business becomes really simple and really easy.
Because they are GIVING you the exact offers, price points, and marketing messaging you need to launch & scale any product or service.
And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to do in this program.

If you’re just getting started... you’re going to learn exactly how to build out your offers & customer journeys that take people from “never heard of you” to “I’m telling all my friends about your brand & products.”

If you’re in the scale phase...  this will give you a clear, high level blueprint that you can come back to at any point & clearly see where you need to fortify in order to scale your offers without breaking the system & losing tons of money.

Because The Lighthouse Method ensures that you take the time to identify and fortify the clear needle movers in your business and understand which levers you can pull to make a difference in people’s lives… and then build offers that they actually WANT to buy.

I've worked with big companies like Adidas, Vital Proteins, and even NBA Teams...

All the way to pre revenue companies who haven't even launched yet.

G Bryant at BBS2018 (3) (1)

From physical products, digital products, coaches, consultants, course creators...

All the way to authors, doctors, realtors, and more.


And I can tell you at the core of every business are these foundational principles that you need to learn.

If you have a business that relies on customers… This is for you!

Now, if you are the analytical type (or just want to see what else awaits) the complete outline is below.

IMPORTANT  - This can be followed all the way through or used as reference material depending on your needs in that moment. The 9 steps will always be clear and the goal is to work at having them all, not having them all overnight!

Section 1: Welcome to the Light (Building a strong foundation)

  • Setting Intentions (Being methodical with every ounce of business & life)
  • The Perfect Calendar  (Designing your day in business & life to succeed)
  • Project Management Processes (The only process management that works... taken directly from Microsoft)
  • The Infinite Game (Designing the 100 year vision of your company so you can achieve it)

Section 2: Don't Sink The Titanic (Don't make these mistakes)

  • Lead Magnet Mistakes (What to do and not do to succeed)
  • Customer Journey Mistakes (Where most people lose all their business)
  • Offer Mistakes (Why people can't get customers and how to fix it)

Section 3: The Lighthouse Blueprint (Where 90% of your business is won)

  • Beacon of Belief (The Why, What, and How of your business)
  • Captain's Assessment (The cheat codes to understanding your customers better than they understand themselves)
  • Map Of Modalities (How to know exactly what content, to create... and how to differentiate your lead magnets, from your blogs, to your paid offers)
  • 4 Paths To The Pier (The 4 types of customer journeys you MUST solve for to not lose 90% of your business)
  • Legacy Content (The secret to making every piece of content you create an asset and an intentional touchpoint in the customer journey)

Section 4: The Ethical Pirate (Research)

  • The Spyglass Method (The 3 critical areas of research and insights to give you the cheat codes to win in business)

Section 5: The Treasure (Knowing the end state and how to get people there)

  • Plan The Offer Backwards (The only way to succeed with selling and the reason 95% of people can't make their offers convert, and how to fix it)
  • The Launch Belief (How to uncover the core belief that drives your prospects to take action)
  • Titles, Headlines, & Hooks (The congruent way to ensure your journey doesn't push your customers away)

Section 6: Observing The Treasure Map (Designing the customer journey)

  • Customer Journey Overview (Knowing the conscious/subconscious journey your customers are taking to meet them where they are and know them better than themselves)
  • Mapping The Journey (You must know the journey your customers take before they do, and here is where we map it)
  • Avoiding The Whirlpools (How to create containers and accountability with your customers using psychology you don't have to learn to ensure they succeed)
  • Designing The Vessel (The exact vehicle that will take your customers from where they are to where they want to go, while paying you to get there)

Section 7: Testing Your Lighthouse (Setting up for success)

  • Sounding Your Signal Horn (How to know your product works BEFORE you make it... and finding & creating raving beta testers & case studies)
  • How To Know It Worked (The method to make adjustments and only build what will work & not waste time, money, or energy on something that won't)

Section 8: Plotting The Path (Creating the journey)

  • Crafting The Vessel (The exact customer journey your ideal clients will take to win)
  • Creating The Lead Magnet (Designing the actual steps to create the results and promises we made)
  • Building The Pier (Building the "funnel" in 20 minutes that will allow you to serve your customers and get paid doing it)

Section 9: Turn On Your Eternal Beacon (Taking your offer public)

  • Email Marketing Mastery (How to greet new subscribers / customers & take them on a transformational journey through email to keep them coming back)
  • Social Dissemination (How to have a congruent and clear social media strategy where every touchpoint is an asset leading customers closer to you)
  • The Lighthouse Tripod (Understand how to use owned traffic, earned traffic, and paid traffic to attract and convert your ideal customers)

ATTENTION - If you act today, you will get $100k+ in value….

But instead of paying $95,000
Or even $38,000
Or even 3 payments of $1,997

You get all of this for $750 so you can use the rest of that money to create an amazing product, customer journey, and team to accomplish everything you have dreamed of in your business!

In addition to the nine-step Lighthouse Method, I’m adding in over 14 hours of event recordings that have never seen the light of day.

The only people who have ever seen them had to pay $30k to access.

These include some of my favorite (and most transformative) lessons from leaders and inspirational humans in their fields. 

You'll get...

  • The Champion’s Blueprint: Mindset required to win in life & business by a man who is responsible for over 100 Olympic gold medals.
  • Managing Scarcity: Ninja strategies for pulling yourself out of a scarce mindset to an abundant mindset… which is the only time you should be creating for your customers.
  • Lead Magnet Copy Rap: Literally building out a lead magnet offer on the spot for one of my mastermind members… my thought process behind it… and how to execute
  • Hooks, Subject Lines, and Copywriting: The only copywriting lesson you’ll ever need.
  • Influencer Relationships Best Practices: An entire masterclass on finding influencers, structuring deals, nurturing relationships, and setting them up for success.
  • Deepening Your Self Awareness: Understanding yourself on a deep level is a prerequisite for being able to understand your customers at a deeper level. Which is the only way you can truly connect with them & earn their trust enough to earn a sale.
  • Sales & Energy: The key to success in sales is understanding the energy of the person you’re talking to. And there’s no one-size-fits-all energy type. This walks you through how to identify & communicate with all different types of energy.
  • Social Media Mastery: Between this & the rest of this course, you will never need another social media course again.
  • Email Marketing 101: The perfect introduction to email marketing, the holes that need to be plugged, and your role in those interactions.
  • Navigating Waypoints: Getting a clear picture of the levers you can pull in your business to accomplish your goals… and which to avoid.

Each recording was meticulously & intentionally picked to ensure this course has everything you need to succeed going forward.

From business foundations & principles, to ninja strategies & tactics for social media, content creation, lead magnets, funnels, offer creation & more… all the way to personal development & mindset practices so you can BE the person you need to crush everything in life & business.
Those are just the bonus recordings I added in to sweeten the deal… THAT is why this is the most ridiculous offer I’ve ever made.
But I teach overdelivering, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.
So, welcome to my family, I am honored to have you

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P.s. still here? Ok, I know what you’re thinking… “where’s the testimonial section to convince me this is a good idea?”

Truth be told, I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in value here for $750…

And no, that’s not some fake value play that scammy digital marketers like to do…

Companies literally pay me $100k to come to their office for three days to teach them exactly what you’re getting in this course… and that doesn’t include the bonus recordings.

It’s a steal of a lifetime, simply because I want to help people & make these scammy digital marketers step their games up.

And calling this offer a steal isn’t my words… look:


"The first 3 videos are already changing my life! And I haven't even started on the 4th yet.. So grateful that I said yes! Thank youuu!"Sheryl Mendoza

Founder, Taking The Summit

"Holy F*! Just watched the map of modalities video and was blown away. The advice in that one video is worth the $750 I paid for this course."Dan Stillman

Owner / CEO, Yomenga

"I think George truly has gone insane with this one! The Spyglass Method training alone will completely change how you do business... Can't wait to sink my teeth into the rest!"Jay Beckham

Founder, Jay Beckham

I could keep going… but now is the time to stop spinning your wheels. It’s time to take action… and put our 9-step model to work for your business. 

So you can EXPERIENCE the results… and not just read about them.

So, head over to the simple checkout form below… fill it out… submit… and you’re in!

My only ask is when you complete a couple lessons… and start realizing the insane amount of value here… shoot me a message or email letting me know how impactful it was for you. Because those messages make my nerdy little marketing heart happy.

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