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How I've Ethically Scaled Some Of The Largest Companies In The World, Including...



Legacy Brand Bundle
  • Social Media Content Planner

    Take the guessing out of social media marketing. Know exactly what to post, when to post it, on which platform, and why. So you're sharing things that actually matter to your viewers, and creating a clear journey that helps them accomplish their goals & become a customer. 

  • Email Subscriber Welcome Sequence

    How to "greet your people at the door," set expectations for the relationship, and give them the keys they need to succeed. This is VITAL if you want to establish long-term buying relationships.

  • Email Sales Sequence Template

    Clearly communicating your offer in a way that compels the people your offer was made for, to take action. WITHOUT sounding desperate, sleazy, or like a straight up a$$. 

  • Hook Generator

    99% of the time it's NOT your offer that's not working. It's your hook. This simple generator will help you come up with hundreds of hooks that can be tested (and possibly be the difference between BANK & bust). 


  • Project Management Tracking Sheet

    How to track projects, know what to prioritize, and create clear deliverables that challenge, inspire, and create accountability for your team to get things DONE. 

  • Customer Insights Checklist

    A clear process for understanding your customers better than they even understand themselves. This gives you all of your copywriting, offers, and tells you exactly what to do, when, where, and how. No more guessing. 

  • 5130 Post Template

    STOP BUILDING NEW OFFERS WHEN YOU'RE NOT SURE YOUR CUSTOMERS EVEN WANT IT. Field of Dreams is bullcrap. If you build it before they come, chances are you're flushing resources down the drain. Whether it's your first offer, or 50th, this is exactly how to test your offer BEFORE you make it. So you have a group of people ready to pay you FIRST. 

  • gjMwDOKbTJmxfO7drMJb_Mike_Dillard_Photo

    "I feel quite comfortable saying George is the single best marketer I know in the world right now." 

    - Mike Dillard


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Exclusive One Time Offer - Just $27
Get three exclusive video MASTERCLASS trainings on social media marketing, email marketing, and sales & energy. Whether you've got an established business with an email list, social presence, etc... or you're just getting started... these videos are relevant, applicable, & massively important for your business to attract a steady stream of new customers while simultaneously maximizing relationships with them on the back end. So they trust you, give you more business, and do your marketing for you. This is a one-time offer. Combining this bonus with the bundle gives you the complete theory, blueprint & tools to create a transformational customer journey that can be scaled to absolutely transform your business & every person it impacts. This is the only time these trainings will be available for only $27.


  • Legacy Brand Bundle ($97)

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  • 5h919YfvQbGDICXRzBQ4_Jenn_McLean_Photo

    "I have learned more from George in just a few months than from years of attending high end masterminds. If you have a chance to work with George, take it."

    - Jen McLean

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    "If you want to see results fast, and you're thinking about coming aboard & working with George, my advice is do not hesitate for a moment longer. It will be one of the best things you have done in your marketing career."

    - Chris Farrel

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