Missed the Lighthouse Business Accelerator live event in Austin?
Or maybe you want to revisit all the "aha" moments?

The Backstage Pass

Over 30+ pages of notes and exclusive video content from the three-day small group intensive that will help you ethically scale your business profit and retention for years to come.

Learn from the marketing genius who has worked with...

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This Is For You If:

Your business bottom line isn’t growing…

After trying program after strategy after tactic, you still feel stuck in the weeds. Let me show you how to grow your bottom line and get out of the weeds.

You can’t remember the last time you took time off…

Your business has been consuming your entire life and calendar...let me help you get a vacation in the books in the next 6 months by helping you identify your "not to-dos". 

Your business isn’t attracting or retaining customers…

You're not making the impact or money you desire inside of your business. Let me show you how to create both.

What If You Could:

  • Create recurring and consistent income within your business with a simple offer structure.

  • Create an unbreakable mindset and see deeper into yourself to allow you to step into your power.

  • Have the tools to help build your capacity to build your bigger vision.

  • Spend more time outside of your business as opposed to, grinding day after day.

  • Create an social media machine that will allow you to expand the amount of impact you desire in the world.

  • Gain clarity on exactly how to scale your business using systems and processes to support you as the CEO.

  • Have a customer journey that specifically helps attract and retain leads into customers.

  • Confidently show up as the leader you are with a growth mindset with a team of business owners cheering you on in the process.

This is all entirely possible and I can show you how.

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Inside The Backstage Pass you'll receive:

  • 30+ page document with all the major takeaways, action steps, and summary of each talk given at the live event.

  • Exclusive video content from George diving into some of his key takeaways from the event.

  • Access to the guest speaker sessions from Alex Charfen, Brian Bogert, and duo session with Hannah Eden & Paulo Octavio!

You Matter. Results Matter.

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“George helped us quadrupled the business in 90 days and it's continued to grow 10-20% quarter over quarter while working less and reducing overhead.” - The Dad Edge

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“Our new customer journey accounted for a 400% increase in email revenue in 90 days and added an additional $575,000 in annual revenue without having to acquire one new customer.” - Soul CBD

The marketing genius behind it all.

George Bryant, Digital Marketing Expert

If you don’t know George, the famous Mike Dillard describes him as the “single best marketer in the world right now.” Others describe him as the Teddy Bear of Truth or the crazy bald dude with pink shoes. He does in fact eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and isn’t afraid to push you to be your best self.

Having helped scale some of the largest companies in the world, George is the industry’s best kept secret. With his no BS approach, George is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, just like you, shine your light and amplify your impact. Through his relationship-first approach to business and marketing, you can ethically scale your business in this transactional world with ease.

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