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Reach & Convert Your Most Ideal Customers In An Hour Or Less Per Day... While Creating A World-Class Experience That Keeps Them Coming Back For Life

Come Join Me, My Team, and 100+ Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs On April 23-25th For Our Live Event In Whitefish, Montana


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Join George, his team, his advisors, and some special guests for an exclusive VIP dinner paid for by George. Also get front row seating at the event, VIP hotseats, introductions, and more.


  • GA – Lighthouse Business Accelerator Live

    How to reach & convert your ideal customers in an hour or less per day
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    USD $397.00



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Tommy Cassano

Tommy Cassano

Not just an event but a gathering of game-changers making a true impact on this planet.. I received clarity and refocus on multiple layers in my business. Opened up my heart & vision for deeper meaning. Above all, knowing that I am not alone in this game and now have an amazing family to lean on and give love to. 

Greg Gilmore

Greg Gilmore

To be surrounded by a group of people who are so kind, caring, genuine and knowledgeable was truly humbling and I am forever grateful to everyone in that room. To see everyone changing their lives and the world around them for the better has opened my eyes and my heart to things I was not sure were even possible. 

Anthony Jacquin

Anthony Jacquin

Wow! So much more than an 'event,' this was a transformational experience. Biggest take-away was the power of sticking to guiding principles. Run everything through them. Let them be the guide, let them shape the content. And do more of what you love doing that moves the needle.

Vincent Mastrangelo

Vincent Mastrangelo

An amazing experience for me to be a part of! My biggest takeaway is just how welcome, safe and comfortable I felt connecting with the team. Everyone's eagerness to learn, respect and pass on any and all information and knowledge that might help someone else was truly remarkable.


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  • Community Building

    How to use social media to build an engaged community of your most ideal customers who trust you & look forward to hearing from you each & every day.

  • Sales Mastery

    How to build & maintain a relationship with your ideal customers & communicate the value of your offers in a way that compels them to purchase & take action.

  • Offer Fulfillment & Retention

    How to fulfill on your offers & promises to create a 5-star customer experience, resulting in repeat, raving customers who bring you even more business through word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Time Management

    Helping you identify and focus on the needle-moving tasks in your business so you’re not stuck wasting time or talking to clients “who can’t afford you”

  • Accountability & Self-Reliance

    Surround yourself with a group of people who lift you up to your highest power & bring out the best of you to accomplish whatever goals you have in business & life. So you can be the most impactful version of yourself possible.


  • Coaches, consultants, course creators, and eCommerce entrepreneurs who sell a product or service that can change lives.

  • People who want to build an engaged community of ideal customers who are excited to share their thoughts and feelings, and pay for your product or services.

  • A business owner who wants to turn their audience into lifelong customers and deliver a world class experience to make a meaningful impact in their lives.

  • The person who struggles to find the time in their day to identify the actual needle movers in their business.


The Lodge at Whitefish Lake

whitefish montana

Airfare & lodging are not included...

Fly into Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana

Book your flights from at least the 22nd to the 26th so you don't miss any sessions during the 23-25th


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